Frequently Asked Questions

Down below we have listed our most frequently asked questions with their answers. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

We are on Alstaviksvägen 3 at Långholmen in Stockholm. Visit our tab "Map" for more detailed directions by car, bus and metro.
All prices include paddle, life jacket, spray deck, waterproof bag and a map of the neighbouring area.
We also give a briefing on paddling techniques, how to control the rudder at sea and assist with getting in and out of the kayak.
The nearest parking lots are available on Långholmen camping on Skutskepparvägen under Västerbron, or on Södermalm along Slipgatan or Bergsundsgatan. All these parkings lots are within a short walk of our kayak rental. On weekdays after 17:00, and on weekends it is free to park along the streets of Södermalm.
We require that you are over 18 years (or with a guardian) and that you are able to swim. We have kayaks that are stable and beginner friendly, but if you feel unsure, we usually recommend you to paddle with someone else in a two-man kayak which is the most stable kayak.

Every Thursday kayaking courses for beginners are held. Read more and sign up on "For Beginners".
We give all customers instructions and guidance of paddling technique, getting in and out of the kayak and suggestions on paddling routes. On Thursdays, we have supervised courses if you want to go with an instructor on the water. Read more and sign up on "For Beginners".

You can also attend one of our guided city tours on kayaking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The tour is 2 h and you are safe in a two-man kayak and follow your guide to show your sights in Stockholm.
There is one toilet a short walking distance from the rental.
Wear comfortable clothing for a comfortable paddle. If it is windy and/or rainy weather, please bring a jacket and change of clothes, otherwise sunscreen and a bottle of water might come in handy!
We have room for your bags and shoes, but we take no responsibility for lost valuables. There is plenty of space in the kayaks for luggage, and we also lend small waterproof bags for free.
We have life jackets in all sizes, and if you are an experienced kayaker we can allow you to bring your child with you in a one-man kayak. Otherwise, it usually goes well to sit two adults with a child in a two-man kayak where one of the adults sits in the front with the child, and the other adult takes care of the paddling. It all depends on the age and the confidence of the child.

Remember that all paddling is at your own risk.
Congratulations to the gift card! To redeem the gift card, visit "Rent Kayak" and make a reservation there. In the second step of the booking process, you can enter the voucher code in the field "Promo code". Click "Use Voucher" to use your gift certificate, and then complete your booking. If you have chosen a kayak rental that is more expensive than your gift card covers you will be redirected to a payment page for the remaining amount.

See you soon!