Kayaking in central Stockholm

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Booking information

To go kayaking in Stockholm with us it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or if you have paddled before. You book and pay online. The payment goes encrypted through Bambora for your safety and privacy.

Rental Pricing

TidOne-man kayakTwo-man kayakSUP
0-2 timmar250 kr500 kr250 kr
2-4 timmar350 kr700 kr350 kr
Heldag650 kr950 kr650 kr
5-kort 1000 kr
10-kort 1700 kr
Prices include paddle, life jacket, drybag and a map of the surrounding areas.

For group bookings, kick-off and other events please contact us at 076-069 38 52 or email to [email protected].

Student or family? Långholmen kajak offers student and family discount.

Our Kayaks


Our one-man kayaks are stable sea kayaks with good and smart packing compartments for both long and short trips to sea. Fits most paddlers and paddling environments. Very comfortable seats and spacious cockpit for most body shapes. All our kayaks are equipped with an easy-controlled rudder which makes it easy to stay on course to the sea.


Our two-man kayak is a fun and very stable boat with two large cockpits, making it possible to have small children in your lap while you paddle. Two large storage compartments, as well as pockets suitable for food and drinks in front of both cockpits. The kayak is controlled by the person sitting at the back in the kayak, where the foot pedals control the rudder. Suitable both for those who feel a little unsafe to paddle alone or for those who simply want close company on the water.


Långholmen kajak does not rent out canoes in the form of canadians.